What we do

Areas of expertise


Criminal justice and rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation programmes have proven that people can change. We work with perpetrators to tackle the patterns of behaviour that lead them to offend and help them to integrate back into society.


Tackling domestic violence and abuse

Our experienced team of professionals work with perpetrators of domestic violence to address their behaviour, while also providing dedicated support for their victims.


Youth justice and crime prevention

Working with young people is vital for crime prevention. We inspire young people to focus on their goals and reflect on their existing behaviour, so they can make the right choices for their future.


Training and consultancy services

We offer training courses for professionals who support clients with complex needs, such as staff working with offenders, victims of domestic violence or young people.

Impact of our work


Each year we work with 3,000 perpetrators to prevent reoffending through our behavioural change programmes.


Each year we support over 1,000 victims of domestic violence and abuse to build a better and safer future for themselves and their families.


We have 160 employees from over 20 different cultural backgrounds and a wealth of experience in criminal justice.


We have 6 office hubs located across London. We run bespoke programmes and training across numerous London boroughs.

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RISE Programme Facilitator shares how she makes a positive change to lives

RISE Programme Facilitator shares how she makes a positive change to lives

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