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Tackling domestic violence and abuse

Our experienced team of professionals work with perpetrators of domestic violence to address their behaviour, while also providing dedicated support for their victims.


Prison work

At RISE we have experience of working in a number of prisons delivering programmes focused on behaviour change, emotional health and well-being.


Support for women and victims

RISE offer women-only programmes and support for those who may be victims of domestic abuse or perpetrators themselves, in a compassionate and non-judgemental environment.


Training and consultancy services

We offer training courses for professionals who support clients with complex needs, such as staff working with offenders, victims of domestic violence or young people.

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Can Violent Men Change: Reflections on Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes

As programmes dealing with perpetrators could come under criticism in the wake of the BBC’s Panorama programme, Can Violent Men Change? we must chal...
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Day two of the @EmployeeOwned conference draws to a close and finishes shortly with our highlights video, edited in real time on site. Cheers guys, it’s been a blast!


We are at a really interesting workshop run by Alan Somerfield from @Grippleltd talking about innovation and not being afraid of getting things wrong. I am a particular fan of their Gripple tie, it’s genius and we have already put in an order. Innovation on show 🙌🏽


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