Our employees influence the direction of RISE

As an employee owned business we ensure that the views of our employees are embedded in every step of our work through the Employee Council. Members of the Council are all RISE employees elected by their peers to be a key part of the RISE governance structure and represent the views of all employees. The Chair of the Employee Council sits on the RISE Board of Directors, with the same responsibility and powers as other Directors.

Members of the Employee Council

Richie Booker (Employee Director and Employee Council Chair)

  • Dana Samuels (HR lead and attendance at Appeal Hearings)
  • Elaine Knibbs (Trustee Director on the Employee Ownership Trust Board and casual workers lead)
  • Glenn Charles (HR lead and attendance at Appeal Hearings)
  • Peter Joseph (Employee Council training lead)
  • Rumi Ameen (Trustee Director on the Employee Ownership Trust Board, and equality, diversity and inclusion lead)

“Working for RISE amounts to so much more than simply holding down a regular job. A common bond exists among the employees, all of whom are committed to making a difference and changing peoples’ lives for the better. We all aim to achieve the best possible results for Service Users, as well as for our Company.

Central to our mutual status is the Employee Council. Its main objective is to ensure the views and opinions of employees are fed into the decision making processes of the Senior Leadership Team. It comprises six members of staff, democratically nominated and voted into post for an eighteen-month term of office. Three of the six Employee Council members are RISE company directors, with two sitting on the Employee Ownership Trust. The Employee Council Chair sits on the RISE Board. This, in effect, ensures that employees are represented at all levels of governance.”

Glenn Charles
Member of the Employee Council

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