RISE promotes equality and diversity across the organisation, from staff who come from 20 different cultural backgrounds to our service users who are individuals from all walks of life.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Working Group

In the first year of operation RISE set up an EDI Working Group to ensure that we embed our EDI values at all levels and involve staff in best practices for an enriched culture at RISE where everyone feels valued.

Vision Statement:

We respect the broad diversity and uniqueness of individuals and our vision is to ensure equality and inclusivity for all in every aspect of the service we offer, and in our role as a Mutual employer”.


  • To comply with the EDI Policy and ensure that EDI is practiced, valued and adhered to by all staff in all roles within RISE.
  • To raise concerns or issues brought to our attention by staff on the grounds of EDI to the Senior Leadership Team.

Group members: The Working Group consists of:

  • Rachel Goddard, Facilitator (Chair of EDI Working Group and Lead on Training linked with appraisal)
  • Austin Edwards, Facilitator (Lead on Recruitment and selection and also on the Charitable Giving Work Group)
  • Sharron Barker-Semple, Treatment Manager (Monitoring and Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) )
  • Miriam Gidiglo, PA to Directors (Local Charity focus and monitoring of assessments and feedback)
  • Professor Jane Lindsay (Lead on EIAs, part of the Charitable Giving Work Group and clear English materials for the programmes delivered by RISE
  • Mohammed Nouafasse, Facilitator (Lead on Service Users).

The Group also receives support from Mary Bailey, Project Manager (link with Diversity in Business Accreditation and Policies and EIAs), Cheryl Rodrigues (Business Executive Assistant) and Kuljit Sandhu (Managing Director).

Here are some of the priorities that the EDI Working Group are currently working on:
  • Accessible Buildings information for each delivery site
  • EDI Folder where definitions of the protected characteristics can be found, helpline advice numbers, gender specific services across London and other relevant EDI service contacts.
  • Culturally responsive and diverse materials using clear English for all our programmes.