Right Track

Right Track is a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) based programme designed for young males aged 18-25, in either a custodial or community setting. It is designed to address general offending behaviour including burglary, theft and shoplifting by changing the underlying thought processes.

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Comprised of 8 group-work sessions and 2 individual appointments, the Right Track programme is built into 3 modules:

  • Finding Solutions – consequential thinking, interpersonal problem solving and identifying patterns of offending;
  • Keeping It Together – self-control, identifying emotions and categorising as either helpful or unhelpful considering impact on risk taking behaviour like burglary;
  • Lifestyle & Peer Influence – moral reasoning, managing peers and perspective taking including victim empathy.


The Right Track programme has the following objectives:

  • To explore plans and goals for participant’s future;
  • To recognise different types of emotions, and create awareness of how emotions trigger other emotions and behaviours;
  • To explore how they are influenced and by whom, and consider whether the influences are positive or negative;
  • To create a future social circle that will increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for them and others.

For further details on the Right Track programme, please contact us at info@risemutual.org.

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