RISE Mutual is a Community Interest Company (CIC) owned by its employees.

We design and deliver behavioural change programmes, training and new approaches, grown from our work within Criminal Justice, to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.

RISE is one of the largest public sector mutuals in the UK. We are committed to providing criminal justice and rehabilitation programmes for people convicted of offences such as domestic abuse, violence, acquisitive crime and drink driving. Our  family-centred approach to tackling domestic violence means that in addition to facilitating change in the behaviour of perpetrators, we also provide a safety support service for victims of domestic violence and abuse. We share our expertise in these areas by delivering training workshops for other organisations working with perpetrators and victims.

We are proud to be the first employee owned mutual in the UK delivering probation services. Employees are actively involved in decision making and shaping the future of RISE. Our employees largely come from the former Interventions Department of London Probation, so they posses a wealth of experience in working with offenders. Our experience, specialist skills in offender rehabilitation and established networks enable us to design and deliver solutions that cater to the needs of local communities.

Our range of programmes and services are designed to facilitate change in behaviour through:
1. Rehabilitation
2. Education
3. Social reintegration

Our background in criminal justice

RISE was formed as a result of the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme. We deliver specialist offender rehabilitation services in London as part of our contract with MTCnovo, which is a consortium of third, public and private sector companies that provide rehabilitation and offender management services across London and Thames Valley. We have also won contracts with a number of London Boroughs delivering programmes tailored to complex local needs.

Our partners include: