RISE launched partnership to tackle domestic violence in Waltham Forest


Last week we celebrated the launch of our partnership with Solace Women’s Aid, which will aim to address domestic violence in Waltham Forest using a holistic multi-agency approach. The launch event, held on Friday 22nd April 2016 in the Waltham Forest Council chambers, was a huge success with over 70 people who attended from a variety of community agencies to show their support. Delegates included Senior Cabinet Members from Waltham Forest Council, and representatives from Barts Health and North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT), Probation, Housing, Substance Misuse, Social Care, Domestic Abuse Services and the police.

The partnership will combine RISE’s expertise in rehabilitation programmes working with perpetrators, along with Solace Women’s Aid who has a wealth of experience helping to improve the lives of victims of domestic violence.

Waltham Forest Councillor Liaquat Ali MBE opened the event emphasising that “Early interventions help individuals to rebuild their lives”. This was followed by a presentation about RISE from Joanne Bertram, Service Delivery Manager, and service users from the Building Better Relationships programme who shared their impacting stories of change. To give the audience an insight into the General Aggression Model used in our programmes, Stephen Brown, Treatment Manager, ran an interactive activity about the ability of an individual to change. The audience got involved in sharing their own experiences of what triggers anger and how they overcame those feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

Representatives from Solace Women’s Aid also spoke about their life-changing work with victims, and this was echoed by one of their clients who shared her story of how she has been receiving immense support from the team at Solace over the last few years to help her in recovering from her past experiences.

Rasha Hamid, Team Manager at Waltham Forest IDSVA Service said:
“It’s very refreshing to be part of an approach that looks at addressing abusive behaviours and safeguarding women and children simultaneously. We’re very excited about this positive shift in how domestic abuse services will be delivered within Waltham Forest.”

Madam Mayor for Waltham Forest, Cllr Saima Mahmud, made closing speeches pledging her support for the new partnership and applauded the multi-agency approach to tackle the issue of domestic violence.

Both RISE and Solace Women’s Aid will work closely together to ensure the safety of women and children throughout the time that perpetrators are engaging with RISE by providing appropriate support and implementing safety measures.

About Solace Women’s Aid:
Solace Women’s Aid is an independent charity providing a range of holistic support services in London enabling women, children and men to live free from domestic and sexual abuse.

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