Service User Feedback – August

RISE’s group interventions challenge attitudes and facilitate long-lasting behaviour change, and our work is driven by the belief that anyone can make better decisions, given the right support.

In our mission to provide innovative solutions which can transform lives, families and communities, it is so encouraging to receive positive feedback from our Service Users on how much they are enjoying and benefiting from our programmes.

Below we have rounded up a few recent comments and testimonials from the last month which demonstrate the positive personal change our Service Users are experiencing.

I would just like to say how impressed I have been on this course. It has been a learning experience which was made all the better by having two wonderful teachers. They are non judgmental, professional and capable of delivering the course with such easy understanding techniques. I am really enjoying this course and it has been of great personal benefit to me and I hope that they will be able to continue their fantastic work and help even more people in the same situation for a long time to come.” Building Better Relationships Service User

Looking back, the Problem Solving Module has helped me realise that I have started using the skills automatically now and it was only after a problem or situation that ended on a positive that I recognised the importance of the skills.” – Thinking Skills Programme Service User

“I cannot believe how much the Resolve programme has helped me. It gave me a chance to think a little about my life; about why I have, until now, always seen violence as the answer. I have learned some pretty useful skills which means I can control my anger a lot better. My family and friends have noticed a difference in me and it’s all because of the programme.” – Resolve Programme Service User

“I was told to attend a Drink Impaired Drivers’ programme which, to be honest, I was reluctant to do. How wrong I was! It was a revelation to me! I learned that a lot of what I thought I knew about alcohol and driving was completely wrong. It began to dawn on me that I was putting myself and those around me at great risk. I hope that I will eventually get my driving license back and when I do, I will never drink and drive again.”Drink Impaired Drivers Programme Service User

“I felt I got a great deal from these 3 days. The gentle and fair leadership shown by both Elaine and Molly was outstanding. I believe I have learnt one or two new skills to help me progress into my future.  Also the days gave me some kind of brief escapism from prison life, giving me the time and understanding support in a relaxed environment to help me consolidate, secure and stabilise my thoughts in a progressive way that will hopefully be a foundation to better personal emotional management.” – T.I.G.E.R ( (Transforming Inside Growing Emotional Resilience) Programme Service User

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