Sutton London Borough Council

Community Co-ordinated Response To End Domestic Violence

At the end of February, we attended a meeting at Sutton London Borough Council which had been organised by Standing Together, a UK charity who’s aim is to bring communities together to end domestic abuse.

As part of Sutton’s Domestic Abuse Transformation Programme, the Council is looking at options for commissioning specialist domestic abuse services to reduce the incidence and impact of domestic abuse on families in Sutton and hold perpetrators to account.

There was an emphasis on organisations working in an integrated way in order to tackle domestic abuse.   The council are looking for a consortium of service providers, who collectively can address the many issues related to and as a direct result of domestic violence and abuse.

This aligns with RISE’s current focus to further develop our partnership working in order to enhance our current multi-agency work. We are excited to engage with other experts, and collectively make a difference to the lives of so many who are currently suffering abuse and violence.

Next Steps

If you would like to explore working in partnership with us, please contact Clare King  via

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