Consider is a 3-hour course developed by RISE as an introduction to service users in starting the process of identifying their use of unhealthy and inappropriate sexual behaviours, and the impact of these on all affected.

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The course is focused on raising awareness as opposed to behaviour change – participants are encouraged to identify and question their destructive thinking patterns, and victim empathy is incorporated throughout all exercises.

The aims of the Consider course are to:

  • Raise awareness of inappropriate sexual behaviours;
  • Give participants an increased awareness of the effects of inappropriate sexual behaviours on others;
  • Give participants a raised awareness of cognitive distortions often associated with inappropriate behaviours and introduce skills to challenge them;
  • Help participants identify and manage risky behaviours and recognise warning signs.


“The Consider course was more than I had anticipated. It was involving, in a non-formal setting, which helped enormously. A group involvement interacting, with questions and answers was effective. In my case, as I’m almost sure to the others attending, it opened my eyes to the consequences of my actions and other scenarios that were talked about. Also the effects it has on other people around you. I would highly recommend this course to others who have been in my situation. A short sharp shock is sometimes all it takes for some.”
A Participant from West Midlands, September 2018.

This course can also be run for local authorities and other organisations, outside of the OOCD pathway.

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