"Thanks to the course I now have a better relationship with my ex-partner, the mother of my children."

Participant from a programme for domestic violence perpetrators

In addition to Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes, RISE also offer programmes and support which address issues such as child to parent violence, neglectful or abusive parenting, and support services for the entire family.

Using evidence-based approaches RISE’s expert facilitators work closely with all family members affected by domestic abuse in order to help build understanding, awareness and coping strategies to help make individuals, families and communities safe from any further harm.

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Child to Parent Violence

The ‘Positive Relationships’ programme works with families where a young person between 11-17 years of age has been abusive or violent towards their parents/carers/guardians. Up to 8 sessions are provided for the adult, with up to 6 sessions for the young person.

Whole Family Approach

To tackle the devastation caused by domestic violence within families, and its affect on children in particular, RISE has developed the Whole Family Approach, designed to change lives and prevent repeat inter-generational patterns of abuse. Families referred to the service will be offered 6 sessions which will assess risk and undertake safety planning for all family members.

Caring Dads

A 17-week programme for fathers who have been neglectful and abusive in their parenting and have been assessed as medium or high risk to their children and/or partners.

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