Our experienced team of professionals work with perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse to guide them through a process of change, which addresses their behaviours and attitudes. Through a combination of group work and one-to-one sessions the programmes aim to prevent reoffending. They are focused on self-reflection and creating tangible outcomes that can help perpetrators to build a pathway for change.

At RISE we believe that, given the right support, anyone can change.

You can contact us to enquire about any of these programmes.

RISE Thinking Skills Programme

"I am now able to contain my anger and think through things much more than I ever did before".

Participant from the Building Better Relationships programme

Project PIPA

A 5-session group work awareness-raising course – offers men and women a chance to reflect on their behaviour and the impact of abuse on their partner (or ex-partner), children and families.

Respect and Principles

A group work programme for young people to reflect on what is considered ‘ a healthy relationship’ and to develop skills which will prevent them becoming perpetrators in the future. 

Safe Relationships

A 16-session programme including one-to-ones for men who have been abusive within an intimate partner relationship. Safe Relationships is a medium length programme aimed at changing behaviour and attitudes. 

Preparing Men for Change 

Up to 8 one-to-one sessions suitable for those who cannot attend group work due to language issues, aimed at building a relationship with the participant and preparing the context for later sessions.  

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