KIC Out of Court Disposal

K.I.C (Keep It Calm) helps individuals who have displayed violence and aggression to identify their problematic behaviour, suggesting alternatives for a non-violent response.

K.I.C is suitable for male & female first time offenders, over 18 years. Typical behaviour to include anti-social behaviour, public order offences and breach of the peace. It is not suitable for those with an entrenched history of aggression or violence.

  • I.C is 3 hours in length, usually run during Saturday mornings.
  • Available separately for both men and women, delivered in a group.

RISE are currently delivering K.I.C as part of their suite of Out of Court Disposals (OOCD). K.I.C is self-funded by the offender (as part of their conditional caution) and there is no ongoing costs to police forces.

K.I.C aims to:

  • Help participants raise awareness of their violence and aggression.
  • Enhance & develop participants skills to manage emotions.
  • Develop interpersonal & conflict resolution skills.
  • Increase pro-social awareness and perspective taking skills in relation to the effects of aggressive behavior on communities and the individuals living within them.