New Beginnings

In addition to support from Domestic Abuse Safety Advisors (DASAs), victims can be offered the New Beginnings programme which provides a confidential and problem-free environment for them to share their experiences.

It focuses on the safety and wellbeing of victims and helping them to devise a safety plan.

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The aims of the New Beginnings programme are to:

  • empower victim;
  • provide practical advice and strategies;
  • develop robust safety plans to reduce the risk of future violence/abuse;
  • increase victims awareness of domestic abuse, including the effects on children.


What makes this programme effective?

The course comprises of 8 workshops on issues that will help to empower victims and help them gain the confidence to take the necessary steps for a safer and more positive future.

The topics covered include:

  • Legal rights
  • Boundaries and assertiveness
  • Children and parenting
  • Dealing with financial issues.

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