RISE Mutual has been working with Victim Support to develop and deliver one pathway for Out of Court Disposals (OOCD). OOCD describe a variety of options given to offenders who have committed low level crimes and have been diverted from court by the police via:

  • Attendance as an element of a Conditional Caution
  • As a community resolution


By working with Victim Support, we can provide one pathway, making things easier for police across the country, especially those already working with Victims Supports “Victim Awareness Course” (VAC).

Benefits to our OOCD

  • Little financial cost to police forces – our courses are funded by the fee that offenders pay, the only fee to the police is a small mobilisation fee.
  • Simple to use and saves officer time as the Victim Support/RISE partnership monitors compliance
  • Improves attitudes and thinking towards crime
  • Appropriate for a range of offences
  • Accessible – designed to be inclusive and delivered at locations across England & Wales
  • Money is reinvested back into RISE to help reduce future offending, and prevent future victims
  • Fits within the OCD framework


RISE has since developed and delivered new OOCD interventions, namely Project PIPA, KIC.

If you are interested in adding to your OOCD conditions, or want to discuss Consider, Project PIPA, KIC in your area, please contact us at info@risemutual.org.

Our partners include: