Our work is centred around creating safer communities and enabling change, so we work with businesses to design and deliver programmes that meet local community needs. Here are some of the key ways we may be able to support you.

  1. Help to prevent reoffending through our rehabilitation and behavioural-change programmes
  2. Provide a journey of rehabilitation for offenders and support for victims of domestic violence and abuse.
  3. Provide professional training to staff from any sector who come into contact with perpetrators or victims of domestic violence, or who support clients with complex needs.

We work with local authorities and community organisations to deliver our programmes in collaboration with their existing local services for perpetrators and victims. Below are some of our current partners and how our programmes have helped to achieve their aims.

Contact us on: info@risemutual.org to discuss what services are best suited to your needs and how we can tailor our offering to the needs of your service users.


Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS)

Our work with the CAFCASS has lasted many years. Together we deliver Building Better Relationships and provide a safety support service for the victims such as the wives and partners of the perpetrators completing the programme.

Impressionable Minds

RISE and Impressionable Minds have teamed up to focus on crime prevention among young people by combining RISE’s experience of working with young offenders, with the expertise of Impressionable Minds in delivering crime awareness projects in schools and colleges. Impressionable Minds are an organisation committed to educating young people about the consequences of crime. They also provide training to professionals in the education sector, social workers, foster carers or others who come into contact with young people. The training provides participants with greater awareness of youth crime, gangs, drugs and alcohol abuse and victims of crime, which can affect any young person. Impressionable Minds has achieved a number of awards including the Community Education Award 2015.

Kingston University

To give students an opportunity to work with us and gain work experience of offender rehabilitation, we partnered with Kingston University to offer this industry experience to their students. Kingston University also help us with research and evaluation services enabling the critical evaluation of our services.

London Borough of Barnet

RISE forms part of the multi-agency approach in Barnet to support victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse. Victims are able to access a range of support services from Solace Women’s Aid, Barnet Asian Women’s Association and Jewish Women’s Aid, while RISE provides the interventions for perpetrators of domestic violence using our evidence-based rehabilitation programmes, as well as support for their victims. RISE also delivers programmes to address the behaviours of young perpetrators in Barnet who have been violent or abusive towards their parents or an intimate partner.

London Borough of Croydon

RISE is working with Croydon Borough to support practitioners who are working with troubled families. Staff at the Borough provide RISE with referrals of domestic violence perpetrators, and we then place them on our perpetrator programme. We also support the victims of those perpetrators through our dedicated Domestic Abuse Safety Advisors and ‘New Beginnings’ workshops.

London Borough of Waltham Forest

To tackle Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) in the Borough of Waltham Forest RISE works closely with Solace Women’s Aid to ensure that support is available to both victims and perpetrators of DVA. RISE provides rehabilitation and behaviour-change programmes for domestic violence and abuse perpetrators to address abusive patterns of behaviour, while Solace Women’s Aid provides support to partners and ex-partners of those perpetrators.

Our passion for offender rehabilitation means that we ultimately transform lives and contribute towards ensuring that communities are safer. If you share our commitment to creating a safer society and are interested in working with us, please get in touch at info@risemutual.org

Our partners include: