The READY programme has been designed to be used as an intervention for offenders aged 18 and over who do not have, or acknowledge, trauma in their lives. The primary aim of the 2-day emotional resilience programme is to increase participant’s level of self-awareness in relation to their own needs and also enable facilitators to gauge suitability for other interventions.

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The READY programme aims to help individuals prepare to engage in other therapeutic programmes, accredited offending behaviour programmes, education and training, substance misuse support and individual work. This is with a few to lowering attrition rates and maximise motivation levels prior to the offender starting the programme.

The overarching aims of the READY programme are:

  • To provide participants with the opportunity to focus on past, present and future experiences and behaviours;
  • To provide participants with an opportunity to briefly identify life events that may have acted as triggers for their current survival behaviours and coping strategies including anti-social and offending behaviours;
  • To raise self-awareness/consciousness in relation to how individuals want to be perceived and are perceived by others;
  • To explore with individuals’ future opportunities to make pro-social changes, resulting in the development of a next steps action plan;
  • To provide participants with opportunities to experience validation and affirmation.

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