Respect and Principles Programme

The Respect and Principles Programme is an 8-session course for young men aged 13-17 to encourage them to think about their views around violence, abuse and control within a relationship context, with the aim of preventing them from becoming victims or perpetrators in the future.

The programme includes two one-to-one sessions, and is suitable for young men who have been referred by educational establishments, GP surgeries, Youth Offending Services, Foster Carers, Social Workers, parents or themselves.

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All young people have the right to be safe in their relationships. Dating violence affects young people in a unique way and can have long-lasting negative physical and psychological consequences. Providing young people with the communication and conflict resolution skills, support, and resources to avoid or end unhealthy and violent relationships is key to their well-being.

This group work programme was devised to target young people in the community who have demonstrated some concerning behaviour. Group work will enable the young participants to learn collaboratively as opposed to in isolation, and help them to recognise that they are not alone and that others are experiencing the same issues with intimate relationships. Research has shown that group work interventions with young people can be successful in changing attitudes and behaviour.

The aims of the Respect and Principles programme are to allow young people to:

  • Explore their beliefs / views about what constitutes a healthy intimate relationship;
  • Develop an understanding about the different forms of abuse that can take place within an intimate relationship;
  • Practice approaches to enhance good communication skills that could be used in a relationship setting;
  • Learn and practice new skills to identify emotional triggers;
  • Increase their knowledge of problem solving;
  • Understand the benefits of using assertive communication and positive self talk.

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