Strive is designed for women who have suffered from trauma. Whilst the programme focuses on coping strategies and future planning, a key component is that all participants get the opportunity to have their story heard in the group (this is significant in helping them move forward). 

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The programme ultimately helps develop greater emotional resilience, and identifies helpful coping strategies that they can adopt. Strive involves a lot of focus on validation and affirmation, and helps to provide the external and internal validation that is so important in changing behaviour, helping achieve the intended outcomes.

What makes this programme effective?

  • It utilises Solution-Focused Brief Therapy techniques, which focuses on finding solutions based on the individual’s strengths and previous successes of participants on the programme;
  • The programme features image-making, symbols and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques;
  • Participants identify alternative survival skills and the resources to develop greater emotional resilience;


This course is delivered over 3 days in a group setting, and can be delivered either in prisons or in the community.

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