RISE is an innovative staff-led mutual that designs and delivers behavioural change programmes and new approaches. Our work can be used in the criminal justice system and community to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.

In order to create safe communities, RISE empowers people to break their cycle of harmful behaviour and develop better relationships with their families and society. A large part of this is through our work in tackling domestic violence and abuse.

RISE’s interventions challenge attitudes and facilitate long-lasting behaviour change. They are driven by the belief that anyone can make better decisions, given the right support. Our experienced team of professionals work with perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse to guide them through a process of change, which addresses their behaviours and attitudes. Through a combination of group work and one-to-one sessions, our programmes aim to prevent reoffending. They are focused on self-reflection and creating tangible outcomes that can help perpetrators to build a pathway for change.

Our family-centred approach to tackling domestic violence means that, in addition to facilitating change in the behaviour of perpetrators, we also provide a safety support service for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

RISE recognises the need to work in a systemic approach when tackling serious issues that impact families and communities, to achieve sustainable change. This is why we have developed ‘whole systems’ approaches to working in prisons, schools, and with families impacted by domestic abuse. This includes educating and consulting with professionals, service users and their families.

Our Mission

      • To provide innovative solutions to transform lives
      • To work with partner organisations that complement our capabilities and share our belief that people can change.
      • To develop tailored interventions for specific groups of people including victims, perpetrators and troubled families.
      • To adopt an evidence-led approach to developing our services by working with academic institutions both national and internationally.

Our Values

We are guided by a strong set of values:

People – We value the contribution of every member of staff whose commitment and skills are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for service users, victims and the community.

Change – We believe that, given the right support, people can make positive changes to their lives.

Innovation – We are committed to developing new, relevant products, services and ways of working.

Diversity – We respect individual differences and are committed to maintaining a team that reflects social diversity.

Excellence – We strive to be a learning organisation, embedding continuous improvement in everything we do.

Evidence-led – We place research at the heart of everything we do – whether it be commissioning independent research or using existing intelligence – to discover new ways of working.

Collaboration – We work with partner organisations and seek feedback from the people who use us in order to develop our services.

Social impact – We are a Community Interest Company that will invest in the community.

Our Background in Criminal Justice

RISE was formed as a result of the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme, enabling staff within the Interventions Department of London Probation to establish a staff-led mutual. We secured and delivered a three-year contract with the London CRC and MTCnovo, to provide rehabilitation and offender management services across London. This provided a strong foundation to use our expertise to branch out into working with a number of London Local Authorities and prisons, delivering programmes tailored to complex local needs.

Our partners include: