Intrinsic to all of our work are our Service Users and our wider Stakeholders.

Everything we do is with the Service User, their families and wider communities in mind, we therefore ensure that we work closely with them via our Service User Council to ensure that we meet their needs and work towards outcomes which secure the most safety and benefit to them and their families.

Service User Council

RISE involves Service Users within the Service User Council in a collaborative process in order to improve our delivery of services. Service User Involvement can have a positive impact on individuals who take part by boosting self esteem, confidence and skills, which can assist in terms of future employment and training. The Service User Council offers Service Users a voice, enhancing understanding of services and how they work, providing opportunities for learning, training and development, making people feel valued and respected and furthering the goal of recovery through inclusion and developing life skills.


RISE are committed to providing a holistic and well-rounded service by working closely and collaboratively with a variety of different stakeholders in a multi-agency environment to support both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence and abuse.

We deliver services for:

  • Local Authorities – we have secured a few contracts with local authorities in London, where we deliver domestic abuse services to perpetrators, victims and families.
  • CAFCASS – we deliver Domestic Violence Prevention Programmes (DVPP) as part of private law child contact cases.
  • Prisons e.g HMP Highdown and HMP Coldingley – We have cemented our role as one of the organisation’s delivering transformational reform in the prison service, and will use our early successes to build on our reputation as a provider of behavioural change and wellbeing services.


We work in collaboration or partnership with the following organisations who share our values, and with whom together we can provide a greater impact and service to communities:

  • Victim Support
  • P3


If you are interested in working with us, please contact us.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

RISE are committed to promoting equality and diversity across the organisation and to our service users who are individuals from all walks of life. We respect the broad diversity and uniqueness of individuals and our vision is to ensure equality and inclusivity for all, in every aspect of the service we offer, and in our role as a Mutual employer.

Our partners include: