Whole Family Approach to Domestic Violence and Abuse

To tackle the devastation caused by domestic violence within families, and its affect on children in particular, RISE has developed the Whole Family Approach, designed to change lives and prevent repeat inter-generational patterns of abuse.

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Families referred to the service will be offered 6 sessions which will assess risk and undertake safety planning for all family members. The programme will also engage the family in new strategies for resolving conflict particularly where children are affected. Referrals to address identified needs will be made to RISE or local services before or during the programme as agreed with the family and referrer.

Work with the couple will focus on reducing violence, improving communication and helping parents, whether staying together or separating, to focus on the children’s needs. Some families may complete their journey after this 6 session phase of the programme, others may need further interventions following a detailed final review which will outline progress made, ongoing concerns and proposals for further work.

The overall goal is to end violent and abuse within families increasing the safety of each family member.

By focusing on the relationships between all family members placing the couple at the centre, the model aims to improve family communication and well-being, including the impact of domestic violence and abuse on family functioning.

RISE Domestic Abuse Safety Advisors (DASA’s) are trained specialists who offer support to individuals who have experienced domestic abuse. Every time RISE facilitators work with a father on a programme addressing domestic abuse, they will ensure that support is offered to the mother. A safety service provision is compulsory to support the programme.

For further details on the Whole Family Approach service, please contact us at info@risemutual.org.

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